Political essays


Although I do not claim expertise on political subjects, I have over the years expressed some of my political opinions in writing. We live in a historical period of radical changes in personal mores, in society and politics. Big media and big tech, some major academic institutions, not to mention sundry politicians and NGOs, are currently pushing for some hair-raising, quite irrational,in-depthand large-scale, changes in our world. There are many highly qualified conservative commentators drawing attention to what is going on; my contribution to the debates can only be minor in comparison. The following three essays, even though they add only a few new insights, nevertheless deserve continued attention.


No to Sodom

This is an essay opposing homosexuality – for biological, psychological, spiritual,ethicaland political reasons. (2006)


Logic in Defense of Zionism

Zionism is neither imperialism nor colonialism. Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism. (2009)


The Essence of Islamic Discourse

Islamic discourse both internally and externally consists mainly of violent acts, threats of more violence, lying and pretending. (2012-13)


I may (or may not) in the future be posting new political essays at the following Internet address: http://avisiontopics.bravesites.com/– check it out occasionally!


Avi Sion.