© Avi Sion, 1990 (Rev. ed. 1996)

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 Categorical and Conditional Deduction and Induction of the Natural, Temporal, Extensional, and Logical Modalities.


 Avi Sion, Ph.D.

© Copyright Avi Sion, 1990.

(Copyright file No. 311035; issued in Hull, Que. on May 2, 1990, in favor of Avi Sion, Denman Island, B.C., Canada.)

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First published 1990, by Avi Sion in Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.

Revised edition published 1996, by Avi Sion in Geneva, Switzerland.

ISBN  2-9700091-0-2

Dedicated to my beloved Parents, z”l.

“Thou graciously endowest mankind with knowledge, and teachest understanding to humans. who graciously bestowest knowledge.”

“Sifra: Chapter 1. Rabbi Yishmael (rule 13) says: when two texts contradict each other, we follow the second, until a third text is found which reconciles them.”

Quoted from: Book of Prayers.  Ed. and trans. David de Sola Pool.  2nd ed.  New York: Union of Sephardic Congregations, 1986.

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