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The third part of the present work, Modern and Contemporary Authors, describes and evaluates the work of numerous (some thirty) recent contributors to a fortiori logic, as well as the articles on the subject in certain lexicons. Here, we discover that whereas a few authors in the last century or so made some significant contributions to the field, most of them shot woefully off-target in various ways. The work of each author, whether famous or unknown, is examined in detail in a dedicated chapter, or at least in a section; and his ideas on the subject are carefully weighed. The variety of theories that have been proposed is impressive, and stands witness to the complexity and elusiveness of the subject, and to the crying need for the present critical and integrative study. But whatever the intrinsic value of each work, it must be realized that even errors and lacunae are interesting because they teach us how not to proceed.

13. Moses Mielziner

14. Adolf Schwarz

15. Saul Lieberman

16. Louis Jacobs

17. Heinrich Guggenheimer

18. Adin Steinsaltz

19. Jonathan Cohen

20. Michael Avraham

21. Gabriel Abitbol

22. Hyam Maccoby

23. Alexander Samely

24. Lenartowicz and Koszteyn

25. Abraham, Gabbay and Schild

26. Stefan Goltzberg

27. Andrew Schumann

28. Allen Wiseman

29. Yisrael Ury

30. Hubert Marraud

31. Various other commentaries

32. A fortiori in various lexicons

33. Conclusions and prospects