An Addendum to theReflectionsLogic in Defense of ZionismZionism is neither imperialism nor colonialism.Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.The absolute necessity of Israel.The media nowadays are overwhelmingly biased against Zionism and Israel. This posture has lately become more than a mere fashion – it is now the “spirit of the times”, a popular “axiom” that it is forbidden to [...]



An Addendum to theReflectionsThe Chanukah lights miracle:a new, more logical solution to the problemFive Solutions:12345Postscripton historicityDuring the eight days of the Chanukah festival, or festival of lights, Jews light candles every evening. The reason for this, tradition tells us, is that when in the 2ndCent. BCE the Maccabees drove their Seleucid enemies out from the [...]


17. Ban homosexuals from Judaism

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 17(in fact, not a chapter but an ANNEX to the Book).The Rabbis must ban homosexuals from JudaismThis is an appeal to Jewish religious authorities (orthodox or traditional, at least) for more decisive action against the spread of homosexuality in this day and age.The rabbis ought to impose acherem(ban, [...]

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16. A call for recovery

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 16.A call for recoveryIf we admit that the meredesireexpressed by homosexuals is proof of some realneedandright, then all ethics and law disappears. For then any other category of individual or group can come along and present felt tendencies as justifications – and indeed, this is just what is [...]

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15. Some legal issues

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 15.Some legal issuesFrom a law philosophy viewpoint, a right to practice homosexuality is very doubtful. It is conceivable that there is a right of consenting adults to behave as they will in private; certainly, such a right can be claimed for heterosexuals.But remember the general rule thatthe rights [...]

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14. Defenders and promoters of homosexuality

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 14.The defenders and promoters of homosexualityThe many people who try to object to this imposed moral and social revolution are silenced by intimidation or ridicule – they are made to feel like reactionaries or retards. They are personally attacked, in order to neutralize their criticism. It is insinuated [...]

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13. A social revolution

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 13.A social revolutionAs already indicated, there has in the last few decades been a radical upheaval in social and political attitudes towards homosexuality. What was, still some fifty years ago, generally condemned, was gradually legitimatized; until today, when homosexuality seems to be not only tolerated, but even promoted.The [...]

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12. The essence of sodomy

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 12.The essence of sodomySensuality normally refers to desire for or pursuit of sexual pleasure. One form sensuality generally takes is to get sexual pleasure from the thought or experience of the pleasure one’s partner is getting. This is a positive, and relatively normal, form of sensuality – it [...]

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11. Spiritual impurity

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 11.Spiritual impurityAll the arguments proposed in the present essay are only incidentally addressed to practicing homosexuals. It is very unlikely that these people will be moved by reason to revise their ways. It is very doubtful that even if they did “straighten up and fly right” they would [...]

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10. Sensuality and perversion

Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONSBook 6.No to SodomChapter 10.Sensuality and perversionEthical discourse in general is not logically possible without admission that it concerns beings with powers of cognition, volition and valuation[1]. Without these powers, there is nothing to discuss, no utility in discussing anything, no one to do or understand the discussion or put its conclusions [...]

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