No to Sodom: An essay against homosexuality

© Avi Sion, 2006-7

Abstract This is an essay (2006) opposing homosexuality – for biological, psychological, spiritual, ethical and political reasons.

Chapters 1. Picking up the gauntlet 2. Homosexuals defined 3. Homosexual tendencies 4. The biological role of sex 5. Non-reproductive sex 6. Deviance and suffering 7. Some probable causes 8. Changing rationalizations 9. It is freely chosen 10. Sensuality and perversion 11. Spiritual impurity 12. The essence of sodomy 13. A social revolution 14. The defenders and promoters of homosexuality 15. Some legal issues 16. A call for recovery

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No_to_Sodom.pdf (225 kb)

Also available on the same topic, with a more specifically Jewish intent:

Ban_homosexuals_from_Judaism.pdf (32 kb) T his is an appeal (2007) to Jewish religious authoritiesfor more decisive action. These texts are for free distribution only. They may not be sold, but may be freely printed out, sent by e-mail or made available for downloading. Do pass them on to your friends and acquaintances! Or give them the following link to obtain the file by download:

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