Main References

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Main References The following are the main references made in the present work. There are, in fact, some more references scattered throughout the present volume, in footnotes. The selection of some under the heading of ‘main references’ is somewhat subjective. References made through Internet links, even if important are usually excluded here – as [...]

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Self-Publishing and Other Publishing

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 6: Self-Publishing and Other-Publishing  1.    A bit of history2.    Weaknesses and abuses of the system3.    On academe4.    Publishing attempts5.    On librarians6.    On historians  1.   A bit of historyPublishing a piece of writing means making it public,so as toshare its contents, to disseminate it, and in some cases (if it is considered timeless) to perpetuate it. Originally, in ancient times, when an [...]

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Bar Ilan’s Journal, BDD

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 5: Bar Ilan’s Journal, BDD  1.    Submission and rejection of an article2.    First retort to the anonymous referee3.    Second retort to the same referee4.    Torah and science  1.   Submission and rejection of an articleBack in January 2014, soon after I completed and published my bookA Fortiori Logic, I went to Israel for a well-earned vacation. I met Prof. Ely [...]

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Michael Avraham, et al.

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 4: Michael Avraham, et al.  1.    About “translation”2.    About deduction3.    Past attempts4.    A fortiori argument?5.    In denial  The present essay[1]is in reply to the general letter (called “A general treatment of Avi Sion's critique,” signed by Dov Gabbay, Michael Avraham, Uri Schild) and specific comments (authored by Michael, and presumably endorsed by Dov and Uri) that you sent to [...]

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Mahmoud Zeraatpishe

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 3: Mahmoud Zeraatpishe  1.    Introduction2.    Cases proposed by Zeraatpishe3.    Summary of results4.    Fake general claims5.    Apologetic nonsense  1.   IntroductionIn my 2013 book,A Fortiori Logic(henceforth AFL), I studied a fortiori argument in depth, examining in extensive and meticulous detail its formal varieties and its practical applications. I found and analyzed a great many examples of such argument in world literature, including [...]

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Luis Duarte D’Almeida

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 2: Luis Duarte D’Almeida  1.    A second-hand conception2.    A second-rate conception3.    Examples used4.    With stronger reason, literally?5.    A Peter Keating performance  1.   A second-hand conceptionThe subject of a fortiori argument is treated, mainly with legal perspectives, in a 2017 paper by Luis Duarte D’Almeida (henceforth, D’Almeida)[1]calledArguing a fortiori[2].This is a pretentious essay, with few if any novel thoughts, and many [...]

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A Fortiori Argument

EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Chapter 1: A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism  1.    Formalization of a fortiori argument2.    Validation of a fortiori argument3.    Arguments involving proportionality4.    A few words on the history5.    Mishna Baba Qama 2:56.    Gemara Baba Qama 25a-b7.    Some rabbinical hermeneutic principles  This chapter[1]first details the formal relationships and distinctions between purely a fortiori argument, a crescendo argument (which refers to proportional [...]

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EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Foreword  Exposing Fake Logicis composed of essays written after publication in 2013 of my workA Fortiori Logic, the product of major original research work spanning years. The core essays were written in reply to specific claims or counterclaims regarding a fortiori logic put forward by four different writers in response to, oras a consequence [...]



EXPOSING FAKE LOGIC Table of Contents Contents in brief:AbstractForeword1.A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism2.Luis Duarte D’Almeida3.MahmoudZeraatpishe4.MichaelAvraham, et al.5.BarIlan’sJournal, BDD6.Self-Publishing and Other-PublishingMain ReferencesContents in detail:AbstractForeword1.A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism1.Formalization of a fortiori argument2.Validation of a fortiori argument3.Arguments involving proportionality4.A few words on the history5.Mishna Baba Qama 2:56.Gemara Baba Qama 25a-b7.Some rabbinical hermeneutic principles2.Luis [...]



EXPOSING FAKE LOGICAbstract Exposing Fake Logicis a collection of essays, written after publication of the bookA Fortiori Logic, in which the author critically responds to derivative work by other authors who claim to know better. This is more than just polemics; but allows further clarifications of a fortiori logic and of general logic. This collection includes essays [...]

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