2 Interactions Volition & Causation

VOLITION and Allied Causal ConceptsChapter2.INTERACTIONS BETWEEN VOLITION AND CAUSATION1.Necessity and inertia in causation2.Direct and indirect volition3.Matter-mind and spirit4.Conceiving Divine volition5.The study of volitionPursuing the analysis of causation and volition, we must consider intermediate or allied relationships which relate together these two domains of causality. For deeper description of causation, the reader is referred to myThe [...]

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1 Basic Causal Relations

VOLITION and Allied Causal ConceptsChapter1. BASIC CAUSAL RELATIONS1. Causation and volition2. Causality and modality3. Spontaneity4. Relative vs. absolute contingency1.Causation and volitionBy the termCausality, we refer to the relation between acauseand aneffect. Without attempting from the outset to define the causal relation, which we apparently all have some sort of insight into, we may nevertheless notionally [...]

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Vol Contents

 VOLITION and Allied Causal ConceptsTABLE OF CONTENTS.Contents in brief:Abstract1. Basic Causal Relations2. Interactions between Volition and Causation3. Further Analysis of Volition4. Consciousness and Responsibility5. Influence and Freedom6. Further Analysis of Influence7. The Workings of Volition8. Volition and the Special Sciences9. Will, Velleity and Whim10. Affections and Appetites11. Complications of Influence12. Urges and Impulses13. The Quasi-Purposive [...]

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Volition Abstract

VOLITION and Allied Causal ConceptsAbstractVolition and Allied Causal Conceptsis a work of aetiology and metapsychology. Aetiology is the branch of philosophy and logic devoted to the study of causality (the cause-effect relation) in all its forms; and metapsychology is the study of the basic concepts common to all psychological discourse, most of which are causal.Volition(or [...]

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