APPENDIX 1:OnFactorialAnalysis(Open Systems Analysis).The table below is an appendix toChapter 53(in particular,Section 5).It shows the factorial analysis of all195 gross formulas(listed in the column labeledFORMULAS), in terms of the63 factors(columnsF1-F63) in the 'open system' of mixed (natural and temporal) modality.Due to the size of the table, it is here split into three segments.The first segment [...]

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FL Story

© Avi Sion, 1990.This essay was written in 1990. It does not necessarily reflect the author's current viewpoints. (It was not included in the 1996 revised edition ofFuture Logic.)Story ofFuture Logic.My purposehereis to trace the story of the book,Future Logic, for the record. Since I believe the book to be a major renovation of the [...]

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FL Description

FUTURE LOGIC:Categorical and ConditionalDeduction and Inductionofthe Natural, Temporal, Extensional and Logical Modalities.The science of Logic stands at the interface between the two main branches of Philosophy, namely Epistemology (the study of knowing) and Ontology (the study of being). Its task is to determine precisely the way people can and do get to know the world [...]

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FL Appendix 2

APPENDIX2:Redefining Majority and Minority inFuture Logic This essay was written end March 2011 to correct certain errors spotted inFuture Logic. IntroductionIn chapter 5.2, about Propositions, I introduce the quantities ‘most’ and ‘few’ as follows:Other quantifiers define ‘some’ more precisely. Thus, ‘a few’ or ‘many’ mean, a small or large number; ‘few’ or ‘most’ mean, a minority or [...]

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FL Reading Suggestions

Reading SuggestionsThe most important discovery inFuture Logicisthe formalization of induction by generalization and particularization(Part VI, chapters 50-59 and the appendix).This work is crucial because it frees formal logic, and therefore epistemology, from the oversimplification of purely deductive approaches.But to well understand this research, one ought to get acquainted with the sections concerningcategorical modal propositions(Part II, [...]

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68 Future Logic

CHAPTER 68.FUTURE LOGIC.1.Summary of Findings.2.Gaps to Fill.3.Concluding Words.1.Summary of Findings.Let us now, finally, try and summarize the information presented in this book on logic, part by part and chapter by chapter.I.Actual Categorical Logic.This is classical, Aristotelean logic, embellished somewhat over the centuries.1.We distinguished between the art of logic, and the science of it. The former [...]

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67 Inductive Logic

CHAPTER 67.INDUCTIVE LOGIC.1.Degrees of Being.2.Induction from Logical Possibility.3.History of Inductive Logic.1.Degrees of Being.Before determining where the philosophy of science stands today, I would like to highlight and review some of the crucial findings of our own research in this volume.The first thing to note are the implications of certain of our findings in modal logic. [...]

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66 Metalogic

CHAPTER 66.METALOGIC.1.Language and Meaning.2.Definition and Proof.3.Infinity in Logic.4.Conceptual Logic.1.Language and Meaning.It is a truism that 'there is a grain of truth in all falsehood'. Always keep this in mind when evaluating theories. No idea would 'make it' in the world, if it did not have some appearance of plausibility. The trick is to remove the [...]

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65 Developments in Tropology

CHAPTER 65.DEVELOPMENTS IN TROPOLOGY.1.Tropology.2.Roots.3.Shifts in Emphasis.4.Setting the Stage.5.Contemporary Currents.6.Philosophical Discussions.1.Tropology.The study of modality on a philosophical plane may be called Tropology (from the Greek for 'figure',tropos); it is a broad field, with Ontological and Epistemological ramifications, and a direct relevance to fields like Aetiology, the study of causality (and thence Ethics), as well as to [...]

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64 Critique of Modern Logic

CHAPTER 64.CRITIQUE OF MODERN LOGIC.1.Formalization and Symbolization.2.Systematization and Axiomatization.3.Modern Attitudes.4.Improvements and Innovations.5.The Cutting Edge.1.Formalization and Symbolization.Let us first clarify the important difference between formalization of logic, and its symbolization, because these ideas are often confused with each other, as well as with the ideas of systematization and axiomatization.A categorical proposition like 'S is P' or [...]

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