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About this book.

Unlike my other works, this is not principally a work on logic, but on meditation and spirituality. All the same, being a logician, I naturally evaluate all statements heard or made with logic in mind – so, in that sense, this is a work of applied logic.

In the present work, as in all those that preceded it, I attach great importance to epistemological issues. Religious traditions often present us with ready-made ideas or principles, without sufficiently considering their epistemological status – their logical consistency, their alleged exclusiveness, the means by which they were obtained, and so forth. Often, apologists for mystical doctrines, finding themselves somewhat distant from reason, choose to defend them by opposing them to reason.

A lot of my work, here, consists in showing that reconciliations are possible between mysticism and reason, although in some cases the doctrines under examination have to be modified somewhat to accord with logical standards.

Each book I have written has helped me improve my thinking on the subject concerned. At first I try to summarize my past and current thoughts, but so doing I open the door to their clarification and evolution. I clean up confusions and fill gaps, and move on to the next stage. Thus, a book is not only a status report, it pushes one forward. As for this book, just as soon as I started writing it, my meditation was improved.

Note that I write primarily to help myself advance philosophically and spiritually. I then share the product with eventual readers, in the hope of helping them and inspiring them, as other people have done for me. This personal involvement ensures my work is honest and sincere. It is offered to the public in all modesty – I intend no pretentious claim of supreme wisdom or great originality.

Avi Sion

The present work was started in March and completed in July 2006.

«I went in and left myself outside»

(said by a Persian Sufi.)