Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONS

Book 6.No to Sodom

Chapter 1.Picking up the gauntlet

This is an essay against homosexuality.

Frankly, the subject of homosexuality is very distasteful to me. I would prefer to ignore it altogether, so as not to be mentally tainted by it and not to be in any way associated with it in other people’s minds. Homosexuality existed in the world around me when I was younger, but it was something one hardly ever came across. But nowadays, the media keep pounding the subject into our minds, so that hardly a day passes without it being brought to our reluctant attention.

It is as if the homosexuals are not content with being homosexuals, but additionally want to force their presence on the rest of us. They are ethically and politically aggressive, demanding that everyone else consider them and treat them as normal. Nay, more: they even want us all to follow their way, and our children to be educated to do so.

Just recently, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, the erstwhile capital of Calvinist morality, a shocking advertising campaign was launched, ostensibly to encourage homosexuals to use condoms[1]. Large posters showing nude males playing hockey and nude females[2]sword fighting were posted all over the city. A supposed implication of this campaign is that many sportspeople engage in homosexual acts in the changing rooms (whether this is common or not, I do not know), and it would seem socially responsible for the public health authorities to remind them to take precautions to avoid diseases.

But what of the education of the children who see such posters? What of the sensibilities of purer souls, who would never even think of such acts were they not told about them? One can only suppose that such campaigns are only superficially to do with public health or targeted at homosexuals. In view of the advertisers’ indifference to the value of sexual innocence, it must be assumed that the real motive of such campaigns is topromotehomosexuality.

This philosopher has therefore decided to analyze the subject of homosexuality[3]– so that such people not get away with their sexual revolution. They think they’ve got it made, ethically and politically; but no, they can surely be refuted and defeated. They can be challenged, not just emotionally, but also by rational means.

Our primary task is to try to understand the psychology of homosexuals, so as to objectively explain why they are as they are, and moreover why they oughtnotto be as they are (and how they might change). We have to show convincingly that such behavior is abnormal and harmful, for the individuals concerned and for society as a whole. We must also consider the arguments of those who defend homosexuality, and show the fallacies they involve.

We must also look at the propaganda, social, political and legal means used by the proponents of this movement in pursuit of their goal of legitimatization. And to complete the analysis, we must consider what can be done to oppose these recent tendencies in our society.

Homosexuality has in a matter of only a generation passed from banned activity to widespread social phenomenon, even fashion. This is surprising and appalling; yet we encourage ourselves with the thought that social change can move equally fast in the opposite direction.

[1]Geneva, by the way, organizes a yearly fest called the “Lake Parade”, during which some half a million people (including a large number of apparent homosexuals) dance for hours on end – in many cases hopped up on drugs – to the deafening sounds of “techno music”.

[2]What they have to do with condoms, I am not sure. Perhaps they are bisexuals.

[3]I would have preferred not to get my hands dirty dealing with this subject, but then it occurred to me that “you can’t clean up a place without raising dust”.

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