Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONS

Book 6.No to Sodom

Chapter 12.The essence of sodomy

Sensuality normally refers to desire for or pursuit of sexual pleasure. One form sensuality generally takes is to get sexual pleasure from the thought or experience of the pleasure one’s partner is getting. This is a positive, and relatively normal, form of sensuality – it is the vicarious experience of pleasure. Instead of just getting pleasure, one isgetting it by giving it. Since it is essentially benevolent, it is commonly considered a form of “making love”.

But it should be noted that there is a negative parallel to this – getting sexual pleasurefrom the painone’s partner is subjected to. In this case, one is getting pleasure by giving pain. This is calledsadism. Being essentially malevolent, it must be considered as a form of hatred; it is biologically abnormal, being motivated by destruction of other human beings. This is true, even in cases where the partner experiencing pain is a willing victim, i.e. in cases ofmasochism. Here, self-hatred and self-destructiveness are clearly involved – two obviously unhealthy dispositions.

The sadist and masochist have in common the perverse idea that pleasure is to be obtained from pain – the other’s pain or one’s own. In addition to such cruelty, they have in common self-contempt and self-hatred, except that: whereas the masochist directly expresses these emotions by self-victimization, the sadist expresses these emotions vicariously, by producing them in some victim instead of self.

In this perspective, it should be noted that the sex act most associated with male homosexuality, viz. sodomy, is essentially a sadist act. This is true even in cases where the man being subjected to anal intercourse is a willing partner and considers the act pleasurable (sadomasochism). Why so? Because this act is intrinsicallyhumiliatingto a man[1]– i.e. it unavoidably involves the psychological damage and pain of loss of manliness and loss of self-esteem.

A man who wishes to penetrate another man is thus essentially a sadist, and a man who wishes to be penetrated by another is essentially a masochist. The sadism involved is of course most evident in cases of homosexual pedophilia or male adult rape; but it is equally manifest (and so is masochism) in cases of consensual sex between adults. In all cases, such behavior (if voluntary) is psychologically unhealthy.

The sodomite aggresses the masculinity of his partner (or victim), and thus expresses some hatred of that maleness, and therefore (being male himself) some self-hatred. In thus abusing his sex partner, he reveals his own inner doubt and conflict. On the other side, the willing recipient of sodomy, allowing his male nature to be downtrodden, reveals his own self-contempt. Moreover, by allowing or encouraging another man to so behave, he causes that other harm.

Thus, both participants in voluntary sodomy are guilty of misusing their partner’s body, and revealing and exacerbating their own serious psychological problems. There is no way that the act of sodomy can be considered a mentally healthy choice. It is inevitably damaging to both the men involved.

Similar judgments can be made concerning other sex acts between men, and sex acts between women, to varying degrees. Apart from their immodesty, all such acts are characterized by mutual misuse of the two partners’ gender, implying both hatred of the other and self-hatred. They are all therefore forms of sadomasochism, although again to varying degrees.

It is worth noting in this context the deeper motives of homosexuals who organize or participate in public parades Observe in such demonstrations: the exhibitionism, the provocative displays, the transvestism and suggestive facial expressions. The primary intent is clearly not (as it is claimed) political, a wish to be acknowledged as human beings. Rather, one sees a will to shock ordinary sensibilities, a determination to lower people’s standards.

One gets the distinct impression that what homosexuals really want is to smear other people with their impurity. They wish others to be dragged willy-nilly into their warped vision of human sexuality. Nothing should be allowed to remain pure, untainted by their shit. Notice, in particular, the efforts made by homosexuals to parade in the streets of Jerusalem, and other places considered holy by many. They have no consideration for other people’s values.[2]

Homosexuals need to ask themselves what the purpose of life is, for they have clearly lost all sense of direction. Is human life a desperate pursuit of queer sensations, irrespective of what the side effects of such pursuit might be? No: there is much more to life than that – namely, a wide-ranging personal and social responsibility for spiritual development.

They have to step well back from their current ways and ask themselves: What kind of entities do they want themselves and others to be? What kind of world are they busy making in their image and likeness, pulled along by their darkest impulses? People get mentally caught up in the whirlwind of their lives, and lose track of their original purity and ideals. They cannot recover these precious native virtues and values without a determined effort.[3]

[1]This is something every man still able to see within himself knows to be true. Even if some men’s minds have become so obscure they can no longer see this truth, it is true.

[2]Even God Himself must, in their view, be forced to love them as they are. It is not enough for them that they ignore the presence of God (Who is everywhere to some degree) in the privacy of their homes; they want to shamelessly flaunt their impurities to His face in the public arena too, and even in the most holy places (where His presence is strongest).

[3]People can make smart-aleck quips in response to such questions, but surely somewhere deep within they know what’s what.

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