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More Meditations
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Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONS

Book 4

More Meditations

This essay is a sequel to the author’s earlier work,Meditations. It proposes additional practical methods and theoretical insights relating to meditation and Buddhism.It also discusses certain often glossed over issues relating to Buddhism – notably, historicity, idolatry, messianism, importation to the West.


1. Go directly and keep going

2. Breath and thought awareness

3. Self awareness

4. Meditation on the self

5. Various remarks on meditation

6. Mental health

7. Behold the mind

8. The four foundations and the core practice

9. Transcending suffering and karma

10. Behold the soul

11. The Buddhist no-soul theory

12. Buddhist historicity

13. About Buddhist idolatry

14. Buddhist messianism

15. Assimilating Buddhism

Addenda toMore Meditations

Also see the earlier work:Meditations