Logical and Spiritual REFLECTIONS


Contents in brief:


The parts and books:


Book 1. Hume’s Problems with Inducti

Book 2. A Short Critique of Kant’s Unreason

Book 3. In Defense of Aristotle’s Laws of Thought


Book 4.More Meditations

Book 5. Zen Judaism

Book 6. No to Sodom



Contents in detail:



Book 1. Hume’s Problems with Induction

1. Hume’s “problem of induction”

2. The principle of induction

3. Causation, necessity and connection

4. The psychology of induction

5. The self or soul

6. Freewill

7. The is-ought dichotomy

8. Hempel’s paradox of confirmation

9. Goodman’s paradox of prediction

10. The induction of induction

11. Descartes’ mind-body dichotomy

12. Some further remarks on causal logic

Book 2. A Short Critique of Kant’s Unreason

1. Kant’s transcendental reality

2. The analytic-synthetic dichotomy

3. Theory of knowledge

4. Experience, space and time

5. Kant’s “categories”

6. Ratiocinations

7. How numbers arise

8. Geometrical logic

Book 3. In Defense of Aristotle’s Laws of Thought

1. Logicians have to introspect

2. The primacy of the laws of thought

3. The ontological status of the laws

4. Fuzzy logic

5. Misrepresentation of Aristotle

6. Not on the geometrical model

7. A poisonous brew

8. The game of one-upmanship

9. In Buddhist discourse

10. Calling what is not a spade a spade

11. Buddhist causation theory

12. A formal logic of change

13. Buddhist critique of change

14. Different strata of knowledge

15. Impermanence

16. Buddhist denial of the soul

17. The status of sense perceptions

18. The status of dreams and daydreams

19. The status of conceptions

20. The laws of thought in meditation

21. Reason and spirituality


Book 4. More Meditations

1. Go directly and keep going

2. Breath and thought awareness

3. Self awareness

4. Meditation on the self

5. Various remarks on meditation

6. Mental health

7. Behold the mind

8. The four foundations and the core practice

9. Transcending suffering and karma

10. Behold the soul

11. The Buddhist no-soul theory

12. Buddhist historicity

13. About Buddhist idolatry

14. Buddhist messianism

15. Assimilating Buddhism

Book 5. Zen Judaism

1. God and Creation

2. Torah and faith

3. Bible text and commentary

4. Tradition vs. innovation

5. The rabbinical estate

6. Judaic illogic

7. Jewish meditation

8. Enlightenment without idolatry

9.Good people

10. A world of mercy

11. Understanding injustice

12. Forgiveness

13. Actions and reactions

Appendix 1. Round numbers in Torah statistics

Appendix 2. Prayer in uncertainty

Book 6. No to Sodom

1. Picking up the gauntlet

2. Homosexuals defined

3. Homosexual tendencies

4. The biological role of sex

5. Non-reproductive sex

6. Deviance and suffering

7. Some probable causes

8. Changing rationalizations

9. It is freely chosen

10. Sensuality and perversion

11. Spiritual impurity

12. The essence of sodomy

13. A social revolution

14. The defenders and promoters of homosexuality

15. Some legal issues

16. A call for recovery

17. (ANNEX) The Rabbis must ban homosexuals from Judaism


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