After writing Judaic Logic, I wrote little on related matters, even though my personal theological opinions further evolved. However, I wrote three short works, which I present here.


The first, Jewish Logic: A Brief History and Evaluation, was written soon after Judaic Logic, to correct an essay on the same subject I had written five years before at the conclusion of my Future Logic research work. That essay had been written in a fit of religious enthusiasm and lacked objectivity, and so needed correction.


The second, Le raisonnement talmudique, was written in 1999 after giving a conference on the subject in Geneva. This was one of my only attempts to write in French (my mother tongue). This work is an important adjunct to Judaic Logic, in that it summarises and simplifies some of the material in it. In particular, the validation processes for a fortiori argument are much simplified and some of the thirteen midot are much clarified by means of diagrams.


Lastly, Islamic Logic, consisting of three essays Hermeneutics, Structure of the Law and Philosophie (the latter in French), was written at about the same time, as preparatory notes for a series of lectures on philosophy delivered to a group of some twenty students at the Université populaire de Genève.