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The Logician is not, however, a commercial web site. The author’s intent is to freely share his discoveries and knowledge with interested individuals.

Readers are welcome to make personal copies of the pages they visit on this site, whether by printing to a file or on paper.

This is particularly true of Future Logic, The Logic of Causation, Buddhist Illogic, Phenomenology, Volition and Allied Causal Concepts, Ruminations, Meditations, Logical and Spiritual Reflections, and A Fortiori Logic, which have been published in book form by the author only .

With regard to Judaic Logic, which has been published in hardback form by Editions Slatkine, Geneva, it is recommended that interested readers order the book from the publishers directly, through the Internet, or indirectly, through a bookshop.

In either case, the works published in may under no circumstances be reproduced for commercial purposes, or quoted at great length without permission from and due acknowledgment of their author.

Needless to say, and it is legally true, all the above past copyrights are extended to the print-on-demand editions of the books, which are on sale in the The Logician Bookshop (since Nov. 2008), and to subsequent e-book and kindle electronic editions.

It should be added that, considering the time and money it takes, it is cheaper for you to buy these reprints than to print out every chapter and then bind them all together.

Piracy and plagiarism will in any case not be tolerated: I have legal insurance.

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Note:Future Logicwas first published and copyrighted in Canada in 1990; a revised edition was published in Switzerland in 1996. All other books were first published in Switzerland.

Physical copies of all the books posted in The Logician website have been deposited at the time of their publication, in accord with legal requirements, in the Swiss National Library, as well as many other major book depositories and libraries worldwide, to ensure recognition of their authorship by Avi Sion and their date of publication.

Postings on the Internet site were first made on the following dates:

Future Logic (1990)11.05.2001
Judaic Logic (1995)11.05.2001
Logic of Causation, Phase 1 (1999)11.05.2001
Other Writings (various) as of:11.05.2001
Buddhist Illogic (2002)27.08.2002
Phenomenology (2003)23.01.2003
Volition & Allied Causal Concepts (2004)10.08.2004
Ruminations (2005)30.05.2005
Meditations (2006)27.07.2006
Logic of Causation, Phase 2 (2003)02.03.2007
Logical and Spiritual Reflections (2008)15.05.2008
4 Thematic Compilations (2008-9)21.10.2009
Logic of Causation, Phase 3 (2010)17.05.2010 and 22.07.2010
A Fortiori Logic (2013)24.11.2013

(In brackets are the dates of hardcopy publication, for comparison.)

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